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Juyeon Ceramic Design

Welcome to Juyeon Kim’s Ceramic Studio located in Melbourne Australia.

After completing a Fine Arts Degree in South Korea, Juyeon embarked on a career as a sculpture and ceramic artist. Her work offers an exciting mix of styles and finishes. Ranging from the popular curacies ‘Venus Vase’ collection, inspired from her study of figurative art. The eclectic ‘Unique Vessel’ range is reminiscent of cubism and the more contemporary Brutalism Art movements. The current focus of Juyeon’s work involves experimenting and developing new glazing techniques. This results in a captivating colourful range of homeware designs; including serving bowls, plates, coffee filters, mugs, serving utensils, gift sets and many more beautiful designs. Enquires for sculpture commissions and special editions are very welcome.

Juyeon Ceramics…fired with passion and innovation.

New in Shop

Orange Ceramic Lamp
$ 820.00
Ceramic Lamp- 'Embroider ' collection
$ 800.00
'Embroider ' Series Pink Vase
$ 780.00 -  SOLD OUT
Lamp 'Rocky Island ' Series.
$ 850.00 -  SOLD OUT
'Embroider' Series Pink Vase
$ 300.00 -  SOLD OUT
Light Blue Ceramic Lamp
$ 740.00 -  SOLD OUT
Cylindrical Yellow Ceramic Lamp
$ 820.00 -  SOLD OUT
Lamp 'City Light '
$ 700.00

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