Juyeon Kim



Juyeon ceramic is a Melbourne Australia based design studio specializing individual handcrafted ceramic and sculpture. 

Juyeon Kim grew up in a small town in South Korea and she loved nature, liked to draw and was always being curious about many different things. 

Her grandfather was also a sculptor and father is an architect, who still works in the field, specializing in traditional Korean house and woodcraft. During her time at Gyeongbuk Arts High School, she was exposed to various art forms including drawing, sculpt, crafts and contemporary design and she had continued to practise to express her delicate sensitivity through her art works.

Juyeon studied fine arts at Chung-Ang University major in ceramic and this provided her a great opportunity to learn from a famous professor and to deepen her understanding of sculpt techniques and contemporary find art. She not only consistently worked on fine arts by numerous group displays and a her own individual exhibition but also advanced her techniques and sense in more commercial area such as film art.

After she moved to Australia, she came across with ceramic then has been captivated by how it is processed from material from nature to the final art piece. Also, static process of making ceramic and her sensitivity are well matched and her own art colours are being created and developed as her skilled sculpt and pottery techniques are met synergistically.

She now incorporates many traditional and modern Korean techniques and methods to achieve her unique highly individual creation. The work is driven by her passion and love of nature resulting in truly organic and beautiful range of sculptures and ceramic arts that are all fired with passion.

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